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Body Swap

A/N: I do not own any characters mentioned in this story, all Sonic characters mentioned are © to SEGA. All others such as Ross, Jade, Kyle & Sam, are REAL people, I am Ross, Jade is my girlfriend, Kyle & Sam are two of my many friends at school.

my POV (point of view)

"c'mon buddy you got to pull through!" someone said I couldn't tell who it was but it sounded familiar.

"damn it all to heck can't you even take care of yourself for one minute" said another voice but this one was female and also sounded very, very familiar. I started to open my eyes I looked around the room no one was there so I decided to get out of bed.

When I noticed something peculiar about my hands I was wearing white gloves and I don't remember putting on white gloves before I went to bed…but below them were Shadow's chaos restrictors. I looked down at my feet and there was his shoes, I quickly picked up a mirror and looked at my face.

"AGHHHHH!!!!" I yelled. I looked again and realised this was no joke I was somehow in Shadow the hedgehogs body.

Not more than a minute later I heard the door crash down like it had been kicked off it's hinges. I turned my head to the side to look where the door was and standing there was Knuckles, Sonic, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Tails & Amy.

But strangely enough I noticed something about Amy that just seemed off. She was wearing glasses and they were similar to my girlfriends, no not similar they were hers. I got up and walked over to her to see if it was her in Amy's body.

"Jade…is that you?" I asked her

"Ross….is that you?" she replied with a question. So to be simple I answered

"Yes Rose…it's me" and her eyes widened and then she jumped up and gave me a hug. We both looked at the others the were confused as hell.

I could see that Sonic had no clue whatsoever, Cream was thinking something over along with Tails, Rouge just looked understanding and for Knuckles he had smoke coming off his head. I chuckled slightly at their confusion.

"let me explain…I'm not Shadow my real name is Ross Sinclair, and this isn't Amy this is Jade Stirling. I know, I know its crazy right but it's the truth we've somehow swapped bodies with Shadow & Amy"

A few minutes later

I had explained everything to them and still Sonic was confused, but the others were fine they understood,

"so how did this happen? I mean it cant just happen out of the blue like this, can it?" Rouge asked Tails.

"I don't know, but if the four of them were exposed to some sort of substance of the same structure at the same time, like a certain chemical of some sort then it might be possible?" Tails said.

"well however it happened we have to find some way to reverse it" I said while sitting down on a seat in Amy's house, and just then I felt a pain surge up and down my back "AGGGHHHH!!!!" I yelled out in pain.

"ROSS!!" Jade shouted.

"oh I forgot to tell you Shadow was just in a battle and his back got injured, but to him this would be nothing, in fact to any of us it would be, except me, Cream and Cheese. So you must be pretty weak?" Tails said.

"well I am only human so to you I would be!" I yelled out in pain again.

"c'mon you just have to lie down that's all, till your or his back is healed, I dunno" said Rouge. She got up and so did Jade and they both lifted me up "ok lets take him to the guest room in here, its just up the stairs and on the right, ok?" she said to both of us, we both nodded.

We got to the guest room and Jade and Rouge had laid me down on the bed gently, after that Rouge had left but Jade stayed, in case I needed anything.

"Ross are you thirsty or hungry?" Jade asked me

"well now that you mention it, I am quite hungry and thirsty" I said

"ok, I'll try to fix something up for you" Jade said and left for downstairs.

Normal POV

As jade went downstairs she wondered to herself "hmm well, since this isn't our world then there wont be much things that he likes since he doesn't like ANY vegetables whatsoever and the only fruit he does eat are apples, grapes and on occasions oranges, and I have no idea what they have to eat or drink in here?" just then she had reached the living room where only Rouge, Tails, Cream and Cheese were, the others must've left. "so what is it?" Rouge asked Jade

"well its just that he's quite hungry and quite thirsty" she said to Rouge quite shyly.

"oh well there's some things in the kitchen, its over there" Rouge said pointing to the door next to her.

"o-ok" she replied and walked into the kitchen, after a few minutes she had whipped up a turkey sandwich and a glass of coke, thank god they can go to earth whenever they want thanks to Tails. She had returned back upstairs, she walked into the room "r-r-Ross?" she said,

"Yes Jade?" Ross answered, then he looked at the tray she held

"oh! Well I'm surprised they had this here" he said.

"yeah I'm surprised too…well at least they did so you're able to eat and drink like back home" Jade said while smiling.  

"yeah, thank god for it, or I would be starving." he said while taking the sandwich from the tray and took a big bite of it.

"mmmm…turkey." he swallowed, he then took a sip of the coke that was there beside him with a straw in it, because he couldn't move his back because of the injury.

Meanwhile downstairs

"how do we know that their telling the truth? How do we know that they really have switched bodies? And are not just playing us for fools." Rouge said quietly so is that Jade and Ross couldn't hear her.

"well there's a couple things I do know to prove they're not lying, 1. Shadow doesn't feel that much pain and he would've just walked out of here so he's in bed. 2. Amy doesn't wear glasses. And 3. Their eye colour has completely changed. so they're not playing us." Tails said in reply to Rouges questions.

"yeah not to mention both of them have kissed and hugged and "Shadow" doesn't know how to use the chaos powers." Cream added on. "well I guess all of that is pretty true, so they cant be pulling one over on us, and I have noticed that their voices are different as well. So they must be telling the truth" Rouge said. Then all three of them went upstairs. They knocked on the door three times, "c-come in!" Ross shouted. The door just slightly creaked open as Rouge popped her head through "hey is it alright if we talk to you?" she asked.

"well you already are so what's the problem?" Ross said to her in a calm tone but tried to hold himself from crying afterwards because hiss back hurt so badly.

"wait right here I'll go get something for your back!" Rouge said and disappeared somewhere. Then Tails and Cream entered

"hey there" both said in unison.

"hi there, well you may not know much about me or Jade but I know a little about both of you and everyone here, and if you want to know more about me ask any questions you want, by all means ask away?" Ross said.

"well there is a couple things I would like to know, about both of you." Tails said. "yeah me too" Cream added on

"ok then ask away!" Ross replied

"oh and does this bed have one of those sit up functions? Cause it would be better so that I could sit up and see you properly" he added onto his previous sentence.

"huh? Oh yeah its right here" Tails said pressing a button on the side of the bed making it move up slightly so that Ross was sitting up

"so what do you want to know about me?" Ross asked them.

"well what's it like on earth?" Tails asked him.

"he he, well on earth its roughly the same as you visited it a couple months ago in your time but it's a little bit more advanced, just a little though" he answered. at that moment they heard a VERY loud scream and then a crash

"ok you two wait here, me and Cream will go see what that was" Tails said to both Ross and Jade, they left soon after.

"WAOOOH!! Damn Sonic what happened to you!?" Tails had yelled, he then carried Sonics unconscious body into the same room Ross and Jade were in, thank god there was more than one bed in there.

A few hours later Sonic finally woke up

"aghh, my head, it feels like I ran into a steel wall layered with concrete." he said rubbing his head.

"well that's because you did, while sleeping!" Tails yelled at him.

"hey buddy don't get mad at me, I usually sleep while running so it's a hard habit to break" he replied to his worried friend. A few minutes later he got out of bed and started stretching

"man sonic you cant stay in one place for more than 5 minutes can you!?" Ross said to him in a joking way.

"hey I gotta keep moving or else nothing gets done, so no one can stop me from moving" he replied to Ross.

"well actually I can, I've been practicing on how to use Shadows chaos energy and I've been pretty successful on stopping time and well here goes, chaos…CONTROL!!" Ross yelled at Sonic freezing him in suspended time, all of his body apart from his head. And just then Tails had came into the room with Rouge. "My my my, looks like we got ourselves a escaper" Rouge said teasingly.

"Well I'm glad Ross was training to control Shadows chaos power during the hours Sonic was out cold, or else we wouldn't be able to check his vitals" Tails said while strapping him into a chair, feet legs, arms, hands and neck, so that he couldn't get out. Tails did a few medical checks and was right,

"Sonic you're gonna have to stay in bed for another couple days, because your blood pressure is extremely low, if not for Ross then you would be on the ground dead right now, and again thanks. So you stay in bed rest and do NOT leave this room, if you do then you might very well die because there isn't enough blood to go around your entire body, so stay" Tails said, Ross saying no problem at the right time.

"WOW! It was really that serious, then I owe you one dude! Thanks for saving my life." Sonic said to Ross.

"not one problem mate, I actually just was trying to make you stay so you could rest but I didn't know you were that bad so I'm lucky I caught you." Ross replied.


As I lay there looking at the ceiling I wondered what was going on back home on earth, I wonder how shadow is coping without his powers and not knowing whose body he's in, wondering if everything is ok with my mum and dad, same with Amy, how she was doing in Jades body, how she was coping, and how Jades parents were, and  how everything was at school, wondering if they got there, and wondering what they were doing if they got there. Hopefully Shadow had beat up a few of the neds that annoy me at school. And Amy hopefully was calm most of the time, but also smashed a few neds with her power.


Shadows POV at the exact same time.

"WHY YOU!!" I yelled as I was about to punch someone who keeps on calling me by the nick-name Sincy, it was aggravating, and when I told them to shut up they flew for me in an attempt to fight with me, but they were sloppy, the threw their punches wildly and had no control over where they went, he was bleeding from the nose and I wasn't, I hadn't a scratch on me, except maybe a skiff that he was lucky enough to get, I was adapting to this human boys life-style very much, but it was clear that he was weak as he has hardly any upper body muscles but I fixed that in about two hours, "ALL RIGHT BREAK IT UP!!" yelled a male teacher, I halted my punch and fixed my hair, dusted off my clothes and walked freely along with the teacher that dragged along the other student. When we got to his office me and the other student sat down "now why were you attacking this boy?!" he yelled at me.

"I was punishing him for calling me something I told him not to call me, and I even yelled it to his face so he got the message, but after that he just tried to jump me" I replied.

"now why did you call him something he doesn't like being called?" he asked the other boy.

"well because everybody calls'em that, and we're no gonnie call'em sumthin else cause there's nuting tae call'em bae" the other boy said.

"oh in very well deed there is something else to call him, how about by his real name! hmm?!" the teacher yelled at him.

"EE's name is Sincy tho!" he yelled back.

"NO IT ISNT!! ITS ROSS!! YOU IDIOT GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL YOU CALL A HEAD!!" I yelled at him, I knew that I had to fake by being this boy for the time being.

"aw right calm doon big man Sincy" the boy stupidly said it again, I was furious because I had tore of the metal on the seat an rearranged it into another form of chair. "sorry sir, I'll fix the chair, AFTER I BEAT UP THIS PUNK AGAIN!!" I yelled, and as soon as I did, the boy ran away,

"hmph, I was expecting him to do that, its for his own good anyways." I said to myself, after that I fixed the chair I had mangled.

"if you'll excuse me, I have to be going now, I have classes to get to. Things to learn things to kick ass at." I said to the teacher, then left for my next class which was PE. When the warning bell had went I heard a very familiar voice, very familiar indeed in fact it was right behind me, as I turned around I got a whiff of the natural aroma that came from this person and realised just who it was when I fully turned I said "AMY!?" the girl then turned to face me and noticed my eyes

"GASP! S-SHADOW!!" she replied.

"yes rose its me, I guess I'm not alone in the human world after all." I said.

"yeah I guess, so what's the name of the human you have to be?" she asked me.

"oh, his name is Ross Sinclair, and yours?" I asked.

"oh, yeah, her name is Jade Stirling. Guess we have to find the nearest scientist, I mean G.U.N scientist, so that they can help us get back to Mobius and get our bodies back. And if we're in their bodies they must be in ours?" she said.

"yeah maybe-" I said before I was cut off by Kyle saying

"hey George, what's up?" he asked.

"oh nothing much, just talking to Jade" I replied and then added

"whom is the girl of my dreams" as I looked at Amy, then she flustered up. I then walked over to her and said quietly in her ear,

"don't be shy, in this world Ross is going out with Jade so we don't want any suspicion now do we?" she then turned to me and said,

"but we have to tell them that we're not their friends and that we have to find them so we can go back to normal." I knew this already and made a quick decision

"hey guys! Can you come round here for a sec, both me and Jade have something to tell you, its that we're not Ross and Jade, I'm really Shadow and she's really Amy, and those two are probably in our bodies, and since I took an injury to my spine, Ross is most likely on a bed right now waiting for it to heal, so me and Amy are gonna have to leave to get our bodies back" I said to them.

"wait! So you're telling us that you REALLY are Shadow the hedgehog and Amy Rose." Sam said.

"yes, that's exactly what I'm saying" I replied.

"oh…ok! Can you prove it? If so I'd like to see you use chaos control?" asked Sam,

"I dunno, but I'll try at least………hmm, there is a big storage of chaos power in this boys body, but its all condensed in one tiny ball, I have to see if I can release it, but I'd have to use the chant, but only knuckles knows it…wait, I know it too now, Ross knows it, guys stand back a little…………the servers are the seven chaos, chaos is power, power enriched by the heart, the controller of that power is the one that unifies!! Chaos power……release!!!" I said, and then a flow of chaos energy rushed through my veins, and I could feel the power in this body, it was amazing, unbelievable even, it resembled the strength of a chaos emerald, "chaos……CONTROL!!!" I yelled, and then I disappeared and reappeared behind Sam.


"is that proof enough for you?" I said while smiling.

"yep, good enough for me!" Sam said, en then everyone yelled out

"SAME HERE!!" slightly confused.

After school finished

"well it's a Friday so I guess I'm going to yours Rose?" I asked her.

"wait…what?" Amy asked confused

"well I asked Sam, Kyle and everyone what does Ross usually do on a Friday, and they all said I go over to Jades' place, so…I'm just following what he does, and besides Ross is only 14, and Jade is 15, they haven't done anything so, all we have to do is hug…ok?" I explained.

"o-ok then…but I'm still not used to it, and I guess they've already…k-k-kissed?" she said, but got very shy at the end.

After we had got to hers we just went straight to her room and said hello to her two guinea pigs, I didn't know she had two, but the fact is she has four of them, Ross obviously knows this already but, being as I'm not Ross, I wouldn't've known.

There are only two in her room, the other two are outside in a hutch, the two in her room are called Floss and Ginger, and the two outside are Olly and Charlie, and if you haven't guessed already, Floss and Ginger are female, the two of them are only separated by a thin plastic box lid by the looks of it, and Olly and Charlie are male.

We just sat down on her bed and watched movies on her Xbox 360.

(A/N: yes Jade does have an Xbox 360, they're pretty good)

We also watched a series of anime called "Ouran high-school host club" it was really funny, and it helped pass the time, and when nine o'clock came, Ross' dad came to pick me up in his car, so I said goodbye to Amy, gave her a goodbye hug and went to go home.

On the way home in the car, I couldn't stop thinking about Amy, I don't know why…I just couldn't get her out of my head. Maybe Ross' body was affecting me more than I thought? If so then I have to get back into my old body sooner than later.


Back on Mobius

A few days had passed and Ross' back had got better, he could walk by himself, but he still needed at least one more day, till he could run. He was sitting in a large field and he held a flower in his hand, just a single rose, he liked flowers but roses were his favourite. He stood up and felt a large breeze go by him, and at that moment he let the rose go, and it got blew away by the wind, going only where the wind carries it.

He decided it would be best to walk back to the house, so he started walking back, slowly but surely, and on his way he saw a peculiar coloured rose, it was an odd coloured rose…one side was absolutely white and the other was completely black. Since the was so rare to him to see this kind of rose, he decided to pick it, and put it in a vase, and sine the house was quite a long way, he decided to see if he could run, he had started off jogging, and then picked up the pace, and every now and then he sped up just a little, and eventually he was running, and since he was wearing Shadow's shoes, why not try them out too…so he jumped into the air, landed back on the ground and was running on air with Shadow's shoes, but he couldn't handle the speed and when he was in shouting distance of the house he yelled,

"HEEEEEEEEELP!!!!! HOW DO I STOP THESE THINGS!!!!!?" while waving his arms about as he was off balance, and when someone in the house heard his plea for help, they shouted for Sonic,

"SONIC! ROSS NEEDS HELP!!!" yelled Tails

"OK, I'LL GO GET HIM!!!" Sonic yelled back, and at that instant Sonic ran out the door to get him.

Sonic had caught up with Ross and saw that he was using Shadow's air shoes,

"hey, why are you using his air shoes??!" Sonic asked him,

"I thought it would be fun! But I don't know how to stop these things! Help me!" Ross yelled, so Sonic just picked him up and took him back to the house.

"Thanks Sonic" Ross said nervously rubbing the back of his head. And at that second Jade rushed down the stairs,

" Ross oh my god, are you ok?" she asked panicked

"I'm fine honestly, I'm absolutely fine, don't worry about me when you don't need to" Ross answered reassuringly holding her close, kissing the top of her head.

"oh, I just remembered! I got this down at the fields!" Ross says and shows her the black and white rose,

"I though it would be nice to put in a vase" Ross added onto his last sentence.

As Jade and Ross left the room, to find a vase to put the odd rose in, in the living room a flash of white shone in everyone's eyes, and slightly blinded them, and from that light came out Shadow and Amy, and then Sonic and Tails grabbed them by their arms

"LET GO OF ME YOU BLUE IDIOT!!" Shadow yelled

"Tails its me! Amy!!!" she yelled.

They let them go as soon as they heard their voices, they instantly knew it was them

"Its good to have you back!" Tails said hugging Amy

"Wait, how do you know it's really us?" she asked.

"Well that's easy because those two are here" Tails answered pointing to Ross and Jade.

After a few hours Ross, Jade, Shadow and Amy had talked everything over and said it was ok to turn them back, but only if they let Ross and Jade stay on Mobius, cause they could live happily there and also peacefully, only going back to earth every few days for supplies, they said ok.

So after a few days Tails had built a machine that could put them back in their own bodies two at a time, first went Amy and Jade, after a few minutes they were strapped to the machine and Tails had input a few things onto the computer attached to the machine,

"ok this'll take a few minutes to do, you two'll fall asleep, and then the machine will get to work, so everyone, go do something to make time pass by." Tails said to everyone, and they all just went into the living room, to watch TV, they just turned it over to one of the music channels, and one of Ross's favourite songs came one, and all of them knew it, so they all decided to sing along with it.

(A/N: song kings and queens belong to 30 seconds to mars)

Into the night……desperate and broken, the sound of a fight…father has spoken

We were the kings and queens of promise!

We were the victims of ourselves!

Maybe the children of a lesser god,

Between heaven and hell…heaven and hell

Into your eyes, hopeless and taken…we stole our new lives, through blood and name!

In defense of our dreams, in defense of our dreams.

We were the king and queens of promise!!

We were the victims of ourselves!

Maybe the children of a lesser god!

Between heaven and hell…heaven and hell.

The age of man is over, a darkness come at dawn…these lessons that we've learned here, have only just begun!

WE were the kings and queens of promise!

We were the victims of ourselves!

Maybe the children of a lesser god

Between heaven and hell!!!





(A/N: I know it has nothing to do with the story, but I love that song.)

"OK GUYS, TIME FOR ROSS AND SHADOW!!" Tails yelled from the other room, so Ross and Shadow got up and walked to the other room, and saw that Jade and Amy were in their own bodies, Ross then ran up to Jade hugged her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek,

"the next time I do that, I'll be in my own body" Ross said to Jade, and continued on his way to the machine, he got strapped in, and Shadow just walked over to Amy and whispered something in her ear, that made her eyes water, but it wasn't out of sadness, she was smiling while she held her hands over her heart. And then Shadow got strapped in, Tails then again pressed a few buttons on the computer and both Shadow and Ross had fallen asleep, Jade and Amy stayed to wait until they woke up, back in their own bodies.

After a while they both woken up, but were a little dizzy, so Jade and Amy had caught them when they both tripped, and at that second Ross had opened his eyes and saw Jade holding him, and he then kissed her lips and held her close.

And then Shadow had opened his eyes and saw Amy holding him, just snuggling into his chest fur, so he just held her close and rubbed the top of her head, and again repeated the words he had whispered before "I love you Amy Rose, and I always will." Shadow said to her

"I know you do, and I love you too Shadow, and I will forever" she said right before she kissed him, Shadow was very shocked at this but he liked it, so he just made the kiss more passionate with a slight turn to the right.

Tails had saw this and was a little confused

"uh? Are you guys in the right bodies?" he asked them all.

And they all replied in complete synchronisation,

"yes, why'd you ask?"

"uh? You were all kissing, so I was a little confused" he replied

And again in synchronisation they all blushed.

So they all went to the living room and said they were in their normal bodies, but soon after Ross and Jade had left Amy's house and started to build their own house, with the help of Tails, to do some of the heavy lifting with some of his own machines.

When they had finished a few weeks later, they started on the inside, and when they finished that they fully stocked the kitchen and put furniture in, painted, put some carpets down and set everything up, TV, plumbing, lights and everything that would need set up, of course Tails set up most of the electronics, but Ross and Jade carried in most of the furniture.

So after a while they had their own house on Mobius, at least time there was slower that it is on earth because as far as Ross know, a year in earth time, is only a month in Mobius time.

So after all that happened, Ross and Jade decided to live on Mobius, going to earth every now and then, to say hi to their parents, friends and to stock up on food and drinks.

And Shadow had from then on stayed with Amy in her guest room, and Tails had told everyone about what he saw, and everyone accepted it, Knuckles and Rouge had started living together, Tails had finally asked out Cream, and Sonic, he was still running around, but found himself someone to be with, one of his old friends Sally Acorn, and they actually got married and became the king and queen of mobotropolis, the biggest city on Mobius, while everyone else had lived out in the country.

So as you can tell everyone was living happily, and they lived happily for the rest of time.

hey people, my third story that i've uploaded to deviantart, if the endings a bit weird which it probably is, i know, but i've been working on it for quite a while, so plz no flaming, and enjoy.
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It's good to see you put yourself and your girlfriend into the stories you write as well, including sonic characters. :)
Sincy-shadow Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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